Why We Use Individual Gestation Pens For Our Sows


What is the best way to house sows? Is it individual gestation pens? Is it group housing? For most people, sow housing raises a lot of questions. Let me start with saying, "There is NO perfect sow housing. None. Nada." When housing sows indoors, there are two options: Keep pigs in groups, or put them in individual gestation pens. The vast majority of pigs used for food are kept in groups. But pregnant sows are housed individually in gestation pens. Why? Because they behave … [Continue]

GMO Awareness Day

Corn Field

Recently, I saw a press release from Minneapolis Public Schools, sharing that five metro school districts (Hopkins, Minneapolis, Orono, Shakopee, and Westonka) held a “GMO Awareness Day” and are aiming to reduce GMOs in school food. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) have prompted much debate in several arenas, from agriculture to politics, at various levels. I applaud these school districts for broaching a topic with so many different facets; however, I am disappointed that these school … [Continue]

What is Your School Lunch Program Serving?


This past November, five Minnesota school districts held a GMO Awareness Day. The Minnesota schools are Hopkins, Minneapolis, Orono, Shakopee and Westonka. Unfortunately, the GMO … [Continue]

MARL Class VIII, Session 3 in St. Paul, The Capitol, MDA and the U of M


I love government . . . While I don't admit it often, I am fascinated on how our laws are made and changed. That doesn't mean I am not frustrated by what happens (or lack thereof) … [Continue]

Chipotle: There Is NO Pork Shortage!


It seems there is a pork shortage at Chipotle. Or at least that is what was announced today. According to Chipotle, one of their pork suppliers has violated their housing agreement … [Continue]

Market Gardener: A Family History, A.W. Schott

Schott Anthony and Sarah 45 anniv 1956

One of my hobbies is genealogy. And how I love family history! As a farmer/blogger, I often ponder who my ancestors are? What was their life like? Why did they move to the Fairmont … [Continue]