The Truth About ‘Big Ag’

Farm corporations vs family corporations

Big Ag. Lately, Big Ag has been in the headlines and after reading about what was said about Big Ag, I soon realized facts were dismissed. It's unfortunate because how are readers to receive the truth? Here are a few myth busting facts about Big Ag. MYTH: Big Ag is responsible for factory farms. FACT: Critics of modern ag choose to use the word "Big Ag" intentionally because they don't want their readers to think of the people behind the farms. They only want readers to think … [Continue]

The Kitchen Window, Mines, Logs, Ships and Vietnam

Logging truck

So you are probably looking at the title of this blog post and are wondering what do all these words, The Kitchen Window, Mines, Logs, Ships and Vietnam have in common? Not much other than "all things Minnesota Farm Living from the past week." Okay, so let's dissect my past week. Starting on Monday afternoon, I attended a CommonGround Minnesota workshop.  CommonGround is a group of volunteer farm women whose main goal is to have conversations and answer questions other consumers may have … [Continue]

What The EPA Doesn’t Want You To Know About WOTUS

Buffer Strip

EPA's attempt to precisely define what is considered the waters of the United States (WOTUS) in the Clean Water Act resulted in clear government overreach. Initially, the EPA … [Continue]

5 Things That I Could Do Without While Mowing The Lawn

Lawn Mower

  We divide labor on our farm. One of my "labor" duties is to mow the lawn. The "lawn" includes not only the grass around my house and backyard, but also what grows … [Continue]

“Ladies of the Land” and the World Pork Expo

World Pork Expo

"Ladies of the Land" and the World Pork Expo Friday night . . . feet are up while enjoying the warm, summer like temps and the balmy winds blowing through my windows. Just taking … [Continue]

When Our Animals Get Sick and Die


When Our Animals Get Sick and Die One of the hardest things about farming is when our animals are sick. We hate it. And the only thing worst than sick animals are dead … [Continue]