Chipotle: There Is NO Pork Shortage!


It seems there is a pork shortage at Chipotle. Or at least that is what was announced today. According to Chipotle, one of their pork suppliers has violated their housing agreement for pigs. The company demands that it's suppliers raise pigs in "humane conditions with access to the outdoors, rather than in cramped pens." So, because the supplier violated the pig housing agreement, Chipotle will not purchase their pork, which is resulting in a pork shortage in over 1700 locations in the U.S. Here … [Continue]

Market Gardener: A Family History, A.W. Schott

Schott Anthony and Sarah 45 anniv 1956

One of my hobbies is genealogy. And how I love family history! As a farmer/blogger, I often ponder who my ancestors are? What was their life like? Why did they move to the Fairmont area? Why did they make the decisions they made? For me, it's interesting that both sides of my family (my parents) have family that started farming in the area. And having most of them farm 70-90 years ago was not unusual. In fact, almost all families farmed because they needed to provide food for their families. … [Continue]

What Farmers Wish for Consumers In 2015

2015 wishes

It's always refreshing to start a new year! A time to push the restart button. A time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. There is no better time to look at 2015 … [Continue]

Top 10 Minnesota Farm Living Ag Blogs for 2014

Minnesota Farm Living

2014 has been an amazing year for my Minnesota Farm Living blog! I am so appreciative for all that have read my blog. As a farmer, I know we need to make connections with … [Continue]

A Mom’s Journey From “Food Babe” To Overcoming Her “Food Fears”

Golden Carter

My guest post today is by Golden Carter. Golden talks about her journey as a mom trying to make the best decisions on what to feed her family. She talks about the real fear she had … [Continue]

MARL Class VIII – In Marshall, MN – Cowboy Hats, Leadership and Crisis Communication


MARL Class VIII embarked on the city of Marshall, MN for Session 2. The very first thing I felt and saw was a more relaxed class. We are starting to get to know each other and … [Continue]