MARL Class VIII – In Marshall, MN – Cowboy Hats, Leadership and Crisis Communication


MARL Class VIII embarked on the city of Marshall, MN for Session 2. The very first thing I felt and saw was a more relaxed class. We are starting to get to know each other and personally, I no long was feeling anxiety like I was the first session. During the second session our minds would wrap around emotional intelligence, we convered with "MARL" participants from South Dakota, whom they call SDARL (pronounced SaDARL . . . don't worry - my first question of the day was "how do you pronounce … [Continue]

Christie’s Veto On Gestation Stalls and Cher Wants to “Turn Back Time”

Pigs closeup

Pigs are front and center in the news this week. Governor Christie vetoed a bill that would ban the use of gestation stalls from New Jersey and Cher wants to "Turn Back Time" and is attacking Governor Christie because of his veto.  First let's set the stage. What are gestation stalls and why do farmers use gestation stalls? Simply put, because pig farmers care about their animals. Yes, you do not hear that from the majority of media or Hollywood because they don't receive their information … [Continue]

30 Days of Ag “All Things Minnesota Agriculture” What I Learned


Day 30 of my 30 Days of Ag "All Things Minnesota Agriculture" is a reflection of my November blogging series. I had never done anything like this before, but I was willing to give … [Continue]

MN Agriculture: CommonGround, Where Meaningful Food Conversations Take Place


Day 29 of my 30 Days of Ag "All Things Minnesota Agriculture" is a fairly new organization (nationally - 2010) - CommonGround. CommonGround is a group of volunteers, mostly women … [Continue]

MN Agriculture: South 89 Seeds and Svc, Where Grass Seed is Grown


Day 28 of my 30 Days of Ag "All Things Minnesota Agriculture" is South 89 Seeds and Service owned by Tony and Amy Brateng  from Roseau, MN. She was originally from Monticello, MN … [Continue]

MN Agriculture: Far North Spirits, Award Winners Prove Exceptional Distillery


Day 27 of my 30 Days of Ag "All Things Minnesota Agriculture" is Far North Spirits from Hallock, MN. They operate Minnesota’s only field-to-glass craft distillery using estate … [Continue]