When Our Animals Get Sick and Die


When Our Animals Get Sick and Die One of the hardest things about farming is when our animals are sick. We hate it. And the only thing worst than sick animals are dead animals. We just can't get around the feeling that we have failed them. So why do pigs become sick? Pigs, like most other living things, do catch viruses. Viruses spread easily in pigs. Most viruses are either respiratory-related or gastrointestinal-related.  Signs of Sick Animals What does a sick animal look like? … [Continue]

I’ve Been Kicked Out of a Mom’s Club!


Talk about the lowest of lows. I have been kicked out of a mom' club. Not only have I been a mom for over 33 years, but I am also a grandma (which, by the way, puts me in the "supermom" category). So I now have the embarrassing stigma of being known as the one mom kicked out of "Moms Across America" club. My self-esteem is now 6 feet under. (sigh . . .)  Here is how it went down:  I was having a conversation. And I am not kidding - a conversation. I was in the midst of talking online … [Continue]

True Beauty In Minnesota – Duluth


Duluth, located on Lake Superior in northern Minnesota, is one of my favorite places to visit! Why? It's a place I can let myself go and forget just about everything. It is a … [Continue]

Boar Studs – Turning Semen Into Pigs


In the vast majority of pig farms, breeding boars are no where to be found. So with that information, how are sows bred? The majority of sows in the U.S. are bred using a technique … [Continue]

Top 5 Food Questions Asked of Dietitians


5 Common Food Questions Asked of Dietitians Minnesota's CommonGround recently participated in a breakout session at the 2015 Minnesota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics … [Continue]

10 Things You May Not Know About GMOs


10 Things You May Not Know About GMOs Confused about GMOs? Are you constantly bombarded with news that GMOs are harmful and then turn around a few minutes later to read they are … [Continue]