Farmers Are Growing Weary From Regulatory Threats

Washington DC

  "No, not another regulation!" Farmers feel like they are up to their eyeballs in regulations. Voices of frustration are becoming louder. If asked what the top farming issues are, almost always farmers will list increasing regulations near the top. The bottom line is . . . farmers are growing weary from regulatory threats.  Why do we need regulations? Regulations are a tool used to achieve social, political, environmental and economic outcomes that would otherwise not be achieved … [Continue]

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Wanda Patsche

I am so excited to be a part of my very first Ultimate Blog Party 2014!  I am a farmer, wife, grandma and mother. So life is never boring! At Minnesota Farm Living, we share what happens on our farm as well as discuss modern farming issues. We are a family farm and located in southern Minnesota, where we grown corn and soybeans and raise hogs. I happen to live in the number one county in Minnesota in regards to number of hogs raised. Can you believe our county raises about 2,000,000 hogs a … [Continue]

We Raise “Locally Grown” Food in our CAFO – Is That Possible?


  There is no question the "locally grown food" phenomena is hot right now. I love farmers markets and before we know it, they will be displaying the results of their … [Continue]

Loving the “Squeal” Behind Joni Ernst’s Message

Joni Ernst

  So have you seen the latest campaign ad by Joni Ernst? You know, the one where she talks about when she was young helping her dad castrate pigs? If you haven't, check … [Continue]

10 Interesting Things I Learned About Seaside, Florida

Seaside Florida Cottage

I recently took a trip to Florida and Seaside was part of our itinerary.  I have never been to Seaside and I found it to be a very interesting place! Here is my perspective. … [Continue]

My Food Confession – I Ate a “GF, HH, HF, HR, AF, FF” Hot Dog!

Wild Bill's Beach Dogs

Returning from a warm, sunny Florida vacation, I took some time to reflect on my last couple of weeks. One of my more interesting reflections I had was about a particular, … [Continue]

Pork Forum – My Reflections

Pork Forum

On March 6-8, Pork Forum was held in Kansas City. As a newbie, I really didn't know what to expect. All in all, it was a very rewarding and interesting experience. Here are my … [Continue]

Spring – Where are You?

Pigs in Snow

Wordless Wednesday.  We are so over winter here in Minnesota! Please bring on Spring! … [Continue]

Hog Farming is Just Plain Hard


Hog Farming. We have been at it a long time - more than 35 years. Plenty of ups and downs with changes abound. Pigs are born. Pigs get sick. Sometimes they die. Prices go up and … [Continue]

Flat Aggie Visits Southern Minnesota

Flat Aggie

  You may be wondering who is Flat Aggie. If you are familiar with the concept of Flat Stanley, a cultural project that many school children participate in, Flat Aggie … [Continue]