Child Loss: “You Don’t Understand What I Am Doing . . . ”

You Don't understand

Four years ago today, our family's world came crashing in. My granddaughter passed away unexpectedly at the age of 3 1/2 months. Ainsley was a beautiful little girl. I don't think there is a word in the dictionary that describes how we felt or the agony we experienced.  She loved playing peek-a-boo and her belly laugh was contagious. I don't understand why she left us that day nor do I think I ever will. I have finally found peace with that and here is why: Jesus replied, "You Don't Understand … [Continue]

Ask The Farmers

Ask the Farmer

  Last week I had the privilege of talking about farming with fairgoers at the Minnesota State Fair. And while some of the fairgoers had visions in their head of Sweet Martha's Cookies, Tom Thumb mini donuts, or cheese curds from the food building, many were genuinely interested in talking with a farmer. They had specific questions about what we do on the farm and why. And it was a learning experience for me also. Now that the fair is over, we need to continue reaching out to … [Continue]

5 Lessons Learned While Working In The Oink Booth At The MN State Fair

Oink Booth

Yesterday was a first for me and my husband. We both worked in the Oink Booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Here are just a few takeaways from the day: 1) People love pigs! And … [Continue]

AgChat: Third Time is the Charm – What I Learned

AgChat Participants

People who know me know that I like my feet on the ground. I don't particularly like flying but nothing was going to stop me from going to the AgChat conference held in Austin, TX. … [Continue]

Grilling Pork At The County Fair Is A Family Affair

Martin County Fair

It's county fair time in the midwest and ours is going on as I write this. And because our county is in "in the middle of hog country" our local Pork Producer Organization grills … [Continue]

Elections, Farms and Food: The Need For A Reasonable Voice


  Like it or not, today is the beginning of the 2014 Minnesota election season. The candidate slate for November's election has been determined. Yes, you will become … [Continue]

10 Things I Wish The Food Babe Knew

Neil deGrasse Tyson

There's a pretty face in the world of food and nutrition. Her name? Vani Hari, or better known as the Food Babe. She started her online company in 2011 to "spread … [Continue]

What A Roller Coaster Week! Pigs, Life and Family

Roller coaster

  As a child, I didn't mind riding on roller coasters. But the older I got, the less I liked them. And I like them even less when your life is on that roller coaster. … [Continue]

How To Critically Think GMOs Without A Science Background

"DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans, study confirms" "GMOs are bad because they are banned in 60+ countries" "GMO Food Poison Handbook: "Genetically-Modified" … [Continue]

Reflecting on Independence Day and Farming

Thomas Jefferson

For many, Independence Day is nothing more than a paid day off of work and where cities and towns are abound with grilling festivities, parades and fireworks. As farmers, we don't … [Continue]