MARL Class VIII – Session 5 – Itasca, MN

Itasca State Park

Session five took our MARL (Minnesota Ag Rural Leadership) group to Itasca, MN. Itasca is well-known because it is the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River. It's crazy to think the Mississippi River has such an unassuming start. As we walked down to the headwaters, we were greeted by some celebratory noise. What we found were some beautiful swans on the open water greeting us with their honking! IMG_2500 Our first session was about fundraising. I personally am not involved in any … [Continue]

Five Lessons Learned on Family Vacation in Orlando


A family vacation always yield learning lessons! And this year was no exception! We all had a great time making lots of memories, but we also learned a few things . . .  1) Oh Orlando . . .  I truly am trying to like you . . .  But you just keep doing things that make me want to visit your Florida relative about three hours southwest of you. I know you are the city of children's dreams. But you are not always the parent's dreams. My family stayed in a house (there were 12 of us) where we … [Continue]

What You Really Need To Know About Antibiotics In Livestock


This past week, there has been a firestorm concerning antibiotic use in livestock, all stemming from the fear of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  McDonalds and Costco recently … [Continue]

MARL Class VIII – Session 4 – Washington DC

The Capitol

Washington DC - MARL's National Trip I spent last week in Washington D.C. The MARL (Minnesota Ag Rural Leadership) Class VIII program includes a national trip and I can assure you … [Continue]

Why We Use Individual Gestation Pens For Our Sows


What is the best way to house sows? Is it individual gestation pens? Is it group housing? For most people, sow housing raises a lot of questions. Let me start with saying, … [Continue]

GMO Awareness Day

Corn Field

Recently, I saw a press release from Minneapolis Public Schools, sharing that five metro school districts (Hopkins, Minneapolis, Orono, Shakopee, and Westonka) held a “GMO … [Continue]