What A Roller Coaster Week! Pigs, Life and Family

Roller coaster

  As a child, I didn't mind riding on roller coasters. But the older I got, the less I liked them. And I like them even less when your life is on that roller coaster. But sometimes a person doesn't have a choice. As farmers we manage to juggle pigs, life and family. For a little background information, I am smack dab in the middle of the sandwich generation. Both my parents are living, my husband's mother is living and I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren, whom all live fairly … [Continue]

How To Critically Think GMOs Without A Science Background

"DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans, study confirms" "GMOs are bad because they are banned in 60+ countries" "GMO Food Poison Handbook: "Genetically-Modified" Agriculture and Animals"   There isn't a day that I don't see headlines such as these in my social media newsfeed. One particular article, "Why I Changed My Stance on Eating Organic Food," came across my newsfeed and I noticed the author was a dietician. When I think of dietitians I think of integrity so I … [Continue]

Reflecting on Independence Day and Farming

Thomas Jefferson

For many, Independence Day is nothing more than a paid day off of work and where cities and towns are abound with grilling festivities, parades and fireworks. As farmers, we don't … [Continue]

Factory Farm Or Family Farm, You Decide.

Factory Farm or Family Farm

  Evidently the Organic Consumers Association and independent journalist Will Potter believes there should be drones used to spy on "factory farms" because they just … [Continue]

What Consumers Need To Know About Storm Damaged Crops

storm damage

  The farming community landscapes have changed in southern Minnesota. Changed because of Mother Nature's onslaught. Tonight, many of my farming neighbors have … [Continue]

Let’s Take The “Factory” Out Of Factory Farms

Our Farm

Factory Farms. If there is one term I am most frustrated with hearing people say, it is Factory Farms. Why? You may find this a little crazy coming from a hog farmer, but I … [Continue]

5 Things That I Could Do Without While Mowing The Lawn

Lawn Mower

  We divide the labor on our farm. One of my duties is to mow the lawn. The "lawn" includes not only the grass around my house and backyard, but also what grows (which … [Continue]

Random Thoughts on this Memorial Day Weekend

Ainsley's Garden

Some days I just have the urge to write. And today is one of those days. Just some random thoughts today . . .  It's Hard to Raise Your Own Food Not going to lie. I have been … [Continue]

Women Finding “Common Ground” Through Food and Talk

CG Dinner Group Picture

  What happens when 24 urban women join 5 farm women and cook a meal together?  Let's just say you would have seen a roomful of conversations, joy, and camaraderie. … [Continue]

Fresh Berry Mini-Shortcakes

Berry Shortcakes

Compliments of Cooks of Crocus Hills     Fresh Berry Mini-Shortcakes Biscuits: 2 cups all purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon … [Continue]