Family Farms vs. Farm Corporations

Corporate Farms vs Family farms

It seems there is always a debate about how corporations are involved in farming. People generally don't like farm corporations and prefer family farms. The concerns are usually shaped around these types of comments:   "Family farms take care of their animals, corporations do not." "Smaller farms are better." "Only buy from local family farms." "Farm Corporations are reckless and will do anything to make profits, even at an animal's or environmental expense." Through … [Continue]

Harvest: Let The Combines Roll!

Let' The Combines Roll!

Minnesota. Fall. Harvest. Women in ag. Combines and Tractors take over the rural roads. Ever wonder what operating a combine is like? I am the combine operator for our farm and I created this youtube video to give you a front row seat on it's like to combine corn in a Minnesota harvest. Enjoy! … [Continue]

The Best Thing One Can Do When It’s Raining . . .

The Best Thing One Can Do When It's Raining . . .

  I love spring! No, I really LOVE spring! I love that I don't need to wear boots and I can finally feel my fingers and toes when I am outside. Spring reminds me of … [Continue]

What I Wish People Knew About Pig Farming


Recently, I participated in an online video discussion with an Animal Welfare class from an eastern U.S. university. The purpose of the class was to give class attendees a farmer's … [Continue]

A Letter to Every Farmer Under the Age of 35

Corn Field

Dear Young Farmer: Farming is an honorable occupation, but it is not for the faint of heart. It is a profession overflowing with risk, hard work and great rewards. … [Continue]

Can Pig Farmers Be Good Environmental Stewards?


Environmental stewardship is probably not the word that comes to mind when you think about pig manure. I mean, let's face it, poop has the ultimate "yuck" factor. Can pig farmers … [Continue]