10 Interesting Things I Learned About Seaside, Florida

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I recently took a trip to Florida and Seaside was part of our itinerary.  I have never been to Seaside and I found it to be a very interesting place! Here is my perspective. Enjoy!

  1. Seaside, FL is a very quaint town and between Destin and Panama City, Florida. You will find no high-rise condos or hotels. The town started as an open air market in 1983 and grew from that point to a Floridian resort town abundant with cottage rentals. It really reminds me of a cross between Mackinac Island, Michigan (no motor vehicles allowed, only non-motorized transportations which results in many bicycles) and Key West, Florida.

    Seaside Florida streets

    Seaside Florida Narrow Streets

  2. The roads in Seaside are very narrow. This is why so many people either walk or ride bicycles around town. At certain times of the day, it’s very crowded with people on bicycles or people walking. Leave your car parked.Florida-Seaside-bikes2 Florida-Seaside-Bikes1

    Bicycles at Seaside Florida

    Bicycles at Seaside, Florida

  3. All houses and cottages have a very unique architecture. You will find no two homes alike. Our cottage was actually built on the top of a garage. Homes are very colorful and Floridian.
    Seaside Florida Cottage

    Seaside Florida Cottage

    Seaside Florida Cottage

    Seaside Florida Cottage

  4. The majority of people we saw in Seaside in mid-March were either young families or Spring breakers. We saw very few empty nesters or retirees.
  5. Seaside has a beautiful beach. You will not find seashells on this beach. But you will find sand that is very soft and squishes between your toes. We happened to see dolphins swimming very close to shore. And, of course, beautiful sunsets.

    Florida Sunset

    Florida Sunset

  6. Most of the eating establishments are outdoors or open air. A few of them were actually housed in airstream travel trailers!

    Wild Bill's Beach Dogs

    Famous Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs in Seaside, Florida

  7. Seaside caters to an upscale crowd in addition to the shops. Many food items are labeled grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free, family farms. Sorry, not a big deal for me. Here is a blog post about the food choices in Seaside, Florida.
    Florida-Seaside-Wild Bills Menu

    Hot Dog

    Wild Bill’s Mutt Dog – Grass Fed, Hormon and Antibiotic Free Family Farms

  8. Seaside is quite expensive. The first night we purchased a bacon cheeseburger, a turkey burger, one order of French fries and 2 milk shakes. This was not a white table cloth restaurant, but rather a “place your order at the outdoor counter, find a place to sit outside in the back on wooden chairs and tables and wait to hear your name to be called out” eating facility. Our bill was over $40.  Bacon in the food market was $20.99 per pound. I would love to sell them pork!
  9. Seaside is a growing resort community. We saw quite a bit of new construction, both buildings and infrastructure, and I only expect this will continue to grow.Florida-seaside-house3
  10. Seaside has a very laid back, very relaxing feel. This was perhaps my most relaxing part of my vacation, which I enjoyed immensely!
    Seaside Florida Cottage

    Seaside Florida cottage


    Our Seaside Florida Cottage


    Our Seaside Florida Cottage

    All in all this was a great vacation. This was our first time to Seaside, FL and hopefully not our last!


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    The Sutherlands says:
    April 1, 2017

    We’re from MN too – just visited Seaside – I agree , a really nice laid back relax lifestyle ?

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