5 Things That I Could Do Without While Mowing The Lawn


5 Things That I Could Do Without While Mowing The Lawn

Lawn Mower

We divide the labor on our farm. One of my duties is to mow the lawn. The “lawn” includes not only the grass around my house and backyard, but also what grows (which is mostly weeds) around the barns, machine shed and other farm buildings. And as I was mowing today, I thought there are just some things that I could do without while I mow the lawn:

1. Digging dirt out of my eyes and nose for 3 days after mowing. Because I mow around the other farm buildings there are areas that do not grow anything and when I run the mower over these areas, I create a dust storm, or should I say dirt storm. And the dirt goes EVERYWHERE. Not only is there dirt in my nose and eyes, imagine what my clothes look like when I am done mowing. Clothes stripping and a shower are mandatory after mowing.

2. Snakes. I usually see about 2-3 snakes per year when I mow. And I HATE snakes. We only have garter snakes here, but it doesn’t matter. A snake is a snake! Shivers go down my spine and my heart nearly stops when one is within my eyesight. Even seeing a green garden hose in the grass freaks me out!

 3. Bumpy terrain. Yes, the ground that I mow is not all smooth and flat. We have a track tractor and sometimes the track tractor drives on some of the areas I mow. I will tell you that track tractors are very aggressive to the ground below it. Bumps, bumps and more bumps, which means I need to creep across the bumps and hang on for dear life. Well, maybe that was a little exaggeration. Just need to keep the track tractor off the mowing area, right?  A note to myself . . .

4. A lawn mower with issues. Don’t get me wrong, I like my lawn mower. It has some great features, but it has one flaw. The fuel gauge and the water temp gauge do not work. So I never know when I will run out of gas or if my lawn mower is running hot. It can be a problem after 4 hours of continuous lawn mowing.  No exaggeration there.  I just like things to work. That’s all. And oh, I won’t tell you it’s a John Deere lawn mower either.

5 Things That I Could Do Without While Mowing The Lawn

Killdeer Eggs

5. Referring back to #2. Yes, I hate snakes but I also have other “wildlife” that tries to take up residency in the lawn mowing areas. Last week I had a family of baby rabbits in a nest that was residing in my lawn. Also, I have a killdeer that completely freaks out at me as I mow by the gravel where she has laid eggs.  I wish they would just find another place to set up home because I don’t like baby rabbits that I can’t see scurrying everywhere and a hyperactive killdeer acting like she has a broken wing.

Just another day on the farm mowing the lawn . . . 

How about you, what are some things you could do without when your lawn is mowed?


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  1. Totally with you on the snakes. Same reaction! Lol.

  2. PB from MN says:

    As I just finished mowing most of the areas on the farm only 4 hours on the rider, I totally understand. I totally agree with needing a shower after mowing, it is amazing how much the bra can catch too.

    It is always interesting when mowing around farm buildings and grain bins, what might have been left that you do not see, such as the tongue of the trailer that is parked in weeds, remember to duck under the gooseneck trailer, the electric cord to the grain bins, blocks of wood that are used to prop under hitches and other good stuff during the first couple of mowings of the year.

    Of course, there is the standing water to mow around (we really have not been able to plant due to the excess amounts of rain we have gotten this spring-East Central MN), trying to get close to the electric fence, but not too close, and of course mosquitoes are out in full force.

    It sure looks nice when it is done though.

    • Oh, yes, the tongue of a trailer parked in the weeds! Because it’s early in the season I can see them fairly well now, but that won’t but that won’t be the case later. And I do love how it looks when it’s done. You are so right on that!

  3. Mowing is my job too! I can completely relate to all of the above! I also have dirt in my ears and nose. Not to mention the dirt in the creases of my neck. I don’t have a functioning gas gauge either. I usually run out of gas when I am the furthest from the quonset! After all of the hard work, it’s wonderful to admire the yard after it’s done!

  4. Elaine Bristol says:

    My grandmother hung bird houses on some fence posts lining her driveway and a field. I feel the same way about birds as you do about snakes, and I definitely don’t want them poking their heads out or, worst case, flying out and hitting me in the head, as I drive by for a clean cut. I think this’ll be the year those houses find a different spot on the farm.

  5. Cathy Ayers says:

    I dread mowing the extremely rough areas because the seat safety switch makes the mower cut out from me bouncing

  6. Connie Austin says:

    Who put THAT there? I really get frustrated when “something” gets parked, placed, or just set down where I have previously mowed! I mowed around an inoperative auger for three years….I begged, pleaded, and finally threatened hubby with bodily harm before it was hauled off for recycling. And about those ruts to run over…I don’t think you were exaggerating too much when you said “hang on for dear life”. More like “tighten those bra straps!”

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