Factory Farm Or Family Farm, You Decide.

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Factory Farm Or Family Farm, You Decide.

Factory Farm or Family Farm

Evidently the Organic Consumers Association and independent journalist Will Potter believes there should be drones used to spy on “factory farms” because they just can’t be trusted. Evidently Mr. Potter didn’t read my latest post, “Let’s Take the “Factory” out of Factory Farms, where he would have learned that so called “factory farms” are really family farms.  After reading my latest blog post, is this a factory farm or family farm? You Decide. Will Potter headed a Kickstarter fundraiser to launch drones to expose factory farms in which he raised his $30 000 goal in five days and he’s currently petitioning for more money for an increased goal of $95 000. His motivation is to show what factory farms are hiding with ag-gag laws by flying overhead with drones to capture images and do investigative reporting. What he doesn’t realize is the ag-gag laws require reporting of abuse immediately, instead of waiting weeks or even months while videos are edited and released at the most opportune time to get the most publicity. When this happens, abuse is continuing. Ag-gag eliminates the abuse exploitation. For more information on other “factory farms or family farms” or to add your own link:

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