30 Days of Ag “All Things Minnesota Agriculture” What I Learned

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All Things Minnesota Agriculture

All Things Minnesota Agriculture

Day 30 of my 30 Days of Ag “All Things Minnesota Agriculture” is a reflection of my November blogging series. I had never done anything like this before, but I was willing to give it a try. I was nervous at the beginning of the month because we were not done with fieldwork. But, thank goodness I was able to. 

In a nutshell, it’s been amazing!

Yes, there are some things I would have changed. But, honestly, it turned out much better than I had ever anticipated. Here are a few things I learned:

Everyone has a story. And I mean everyone.

As the questionnaires were coming in, I was truly amazed at the stories. Everyone has a story. And the best story is the one they tell themselves. There is no way I could have done this blogging project justice if I had written their stories. You could just feel the passion each of these stories entailed. That’s why it was so important that they tell their own stories. And they did.

And they were inspiring.

Just because someone said they wanted to be featured, doesn’t mean I was able to feature them.

I had many people tell me they wanted to be featured but I didn’t receive their questionnaires. t understand that and I am sensitive to everyone’s time commitments. So I have learned I need to start earlier and get more questionnaires out to people. Not going to lie, I was scrambling at the end. But it worked out. And hopefully I will have more connections throughout the year to use if I choose to do this again (and I probably will!). 

Minnesota’s agriculture is diverse. Period. 

Believe me, I learned a lot about Minnesota’s ag diversity. The stories were intriguing and very interesting to me and I hope you thought the same. If you have any suggestions to whom I should feature in the future, please feel free to let me know. I know I don’t quite have the “big picture” view of agriculture in Minnesota, but I am working on it and trying to grasp it. Living in southern Minnesota, you tend to live in your little “ag world” and there is a much bigger “ag world” out there. I will work on it.  

People like to read about farmers.

As much as I wanted to showcase the diversity of agriculture, my reach and views tell me people like reading about farmers and their stories. 

And a BIG Thank You!

And I want to thank everyone who participated in this blogging series! I am so glad I did it! And thank you to everyone/everything that contributes to Minnesota’s agricultural diversity!

For a complete list of my blogging series features and tell me which ones were your favorite: 

November 1 – Jeremy Geske and his Passion for Sheep

November 2 – “A Greater Minnesota”

November 3 – Rachel Gray – A Minnesota Cattle Woman

November 4 – Sara and Mark Hewitt – Farming, Drainage Tile and Bees

November 5 –  Glacial Lake Organics

November 6 – Makayla Nepp and Her Love For Farming and Pigs

November 7 – Evan Oberdieck – Hefty Seed

November 8 – Theresa Twohey – A Dairy Gal in a Pig World

November 9 – AgStar Gives A Personal Touch

November 10 – Sara Larson “Shows” Her Devotion To Her Goats

November 11 – The Klinghagens – A Story of Beginning Farmers

November 12 – Carolyn and Jonathan Olson, Farmers in Two Worlds

November 13 – Eric Nelson – Time to Talk Turkeys

November 14 – Julie Tesch – American Farm Bureau Federation with Minnesota Roots

November 15 – Hormel Foods – More Than Just Spam

November 16 – Nova-Tech Engineering – Using Technology to Benefit Agriculture

November 17 – Crazy Acres Alpacas

November 18 – Kirsten Phelps – A Family Farm that Perseveres

November 19 – Eric and Beth Engstrom – E2’s Emu Ranch

November 20 – Pam Uhlenkamp – Farm Business Management 

November 21 – Betsy Jensen – Growing Barley, Sugar Beets, Navy Beans, Wheat

November 22 – Whole Grain Milling – Homegrown Organic

November 23 – Gold’n Plump Chickens

November 24 – The Meyers Farm – A Family Farm in the Truest Sense

November 25 – Wild Mountain Winery – Where the Wine is Fine

November 26 – MN Agriculture: Hugoson Pork, Five Generations Later

November 27 – MN Agriculture: Far North Spirits, Award Winners Prove Exceptional Distillery

November 28 – South 89 Seed and Service – Tony and Amy Brateng

November 29 – CommonGround – Where Food Conversations Take Place

And for a complete list of the other bloggers who participated in this challenge:


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