MN Agriculture: David and Mary Mohn, Flower Valley Vineyard

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30 days of MN ag picDay 17 of my “30 Days of MN Agriculture” is Flower Valley Vineyard from Red Wing and owned by David and Mary Mohn. This winery is owned and operated by a small family farm. They grow and use cold climate grapes. 

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Tell me a little about your farm and/or business?

We are a small farm winery operating on family owned farm. 

How long have you farmed or been in business?

John Mohn purchased the farm in 1968 and raised different animals, corps and horse boarding. After retiring in the med 1990’s he rented out the corp fields. In 2002 the vineyard was established we grew grapes to sell to other wineries until 2011 we made our fist vintage. We opened the tasting room in 2012.

30 Days of MN ag

David and Mary Mohn

Tell me a little about what you grown/raise/produce or service provided.

We produce cold climate grapes for making cold climate wines which we taste in our tasting room.

Where do you sell or provide services to? Who is your end consumer?

At this time we do not sell our wine wholesale, we like having our customers coming to our winery and learn about cold climate grapes, growing grapes and making cold climate wines.

What makes your farm/business unique or special? What are you proud of?

We are a working farm winery. Our customers are encouraged to walk in the vineyard and check out the grapes during the growing season.

30 days of MN ag

Flower Valley Vineyard

What is one interesting fact about your farm/crops/livestock/business you would like to share.

We encourage our customers to help us with our harvest in the fall. Most people do not have the opportunity to experience fall harvesting on a farm. Getting crops in for making wine.

What is one thing you wish consumers knew about what you do or your farm/business?

While wine making and vineyards are romantic, you work all year. Most farming is done once the harvest is in, with vineyards you start pruning the vines once they harden off.

30 days of MN ag

Flower Valley Vineyard

What is one thing about Minnesota that people from other areas do not know about or are missing because they don’t live here?

We are so fortunate to have the University of Mn develop cold hardy varital grapes.

Flower Valley Vineyard Hot Mulled Wine


  • 1 bottle full bodied Frontenac wine
  • ½ gal of apple cider
  • 3 cinnamon sticks


  1. Heat and serve and enjoy!


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