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10 Things You May Not Know About GMOs

 “Behind the Scenes” Tour of Monsanto

GMO Answers: The Perfect Resource for Science-Based Questions

Why I Grow GE Crops

What is a Genetically Modified Organism?

Is it Time to Relook at GMOs?

How to Use Critical Thinking Skills about GMOs without a Science Background

Hershey’s GMO Sugar Secret

 Why I’m Pro-GMO

This is Why it is Okay to Feed your Family GMOs

Top 5 Myths about GMOs – a Mom’s Perspective 


Animal Welfare/Pigs/Pork

Who Do You Want to Raise Your Bacon?

What I Wish People Knew about Pig Farming

What you Need to know about Antibiotics in Pigs

12 Frequently Asked Questions about Pigs

Why do Pigs Live in Barns?

We Don’t Tolerate Animal Abuse, So Stop Thinking We Do

Can You Raise Pigs Without Antibiotics?

Why we use Individual Gestation Stalls for our Pigs

Yes, Manure is on our Balance Sheet

Are You Worried that Farming is Causing Antibiotic Resistance?

Pig Stories Untold

The Part of Farming I Hate and how it Affects Sustainability

What’s on that Meat Label?

Tour of Meat Packing Plant: Hormel

Dear Chipotle, What do you have against U.S. Pig Farmers?

When our Animals get Sick and Die

Boar Studs – Turning Semen into Pigs

Farming is Just Plain Hard

 Are Pig Farmers Good Environmental Stewards?


Factory Farming

Factory Farming in Minnesota – Truth Revealed

Finding Common Ground with Vegan Activists at Factory Farm Panel

What is a Factory Farm?

Are Family Farms better than Factory Farms?


Big Ag

What you Need to Know About “Big Ag”

Family Farms vs. Farm Corporations 

 Top 5 Myths about Farm Corporations 


Advocacy for Agriculture

How Food Fear is Spread and Why Words Matter

The Deception of Food Labels 

What if Consumers Aren’t Always Right?

Farmers: Don’t let Netflix or Activist Groups tell your Story

Who are the Farm-To-Table Farmers?

10 Things I Wish the Food Babe Knew

Is Critical Thinking and Holding Civil Food Conversations Too Much to Ask For?

Farm-to-Table Events, Do’s and Don’ts

An Open Letter to those in Agriculture: We are on one Team  

Dear Farm Aid, You Need to Visit a Family Farm!

7 Ways for Farmers to be Involved in Your Local Communities

What I Learned at the Farm-to-Table Food Blogger Conference

Dear Meatless Mondays: What Happened to Food Choices?

Top 5 Things Subway Customers Need to Know

Top 5 Ways Young People can become Ag Advocates

Agvocacy through Baseball and the “Big City”

A Mom’s Journey from Food Babe to Overcoming Food Fears


Family and/or Rural Life

A Letter to Every Farmer Under the Age of 35

Top 10 Reasons Why Farmers are a Little Odd

5 Real Struggles From Marrying a Farmer that Your City Friends Don’t Know

What to Expect When Dating a Farmer in Your 20’s

I Just Wasn’t Ready

11 Ways Losing a Parent Changes You

What is a Farmer? It’s not what you may Think

I will NEVER Marry a Pig Farmer!

What do Farmers do in the Off-Season?

10 Words that Drive Farmers Crazy

Who are the Heroes Among Us?

Cancer Sucks 

With a Church Fire Destruction comes a Time of Rebirth

A Little Boy, A Grain Cart and Some Quarters and Dimes



10 Things about Harvest most Non-Ag People Don’t Know

Tips and Tricks to Surviving Harvest While Dating a Farmer

Post Harvest Reflections

How do Farm Wives Survive Fall Harvest

When Tragedy Strikes, We Come Together

Confessions of a Combine Driver


Ag in the Classroom

Teachers Learn about Minnesota Agriculture Through Tours