Grilling Pork At The County Fair Is A Family Affair

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It’s county fair time in the midwest and ours is going on as I write this. And because our county is in “in the middle of hog country” our local Pork Producer Organization grills pork chops on-a-stick and pork patties. And they grill a lot of them. About 5000 chops and 1000 pork patties. Our family (along with a few others) volunteered to work a shift and instead of writing about our experience, I have pictures to tell the story. And you will see that grilling at a county fair is truly a family affair!  Enjoy!

Martin County Fair 2014

All Three of My Daughters helped with the Grilling!


Martin County 2014

Daughter KP Selling a Pork Chop On-A-Stick

We had the cutest little helpers ever! 5-year old Miss J. and Miss A. were soooo eager to help. Thank you girls and we were glad you were there! 

Martin County Fair

Miss J and Miss A helping at the Pork Grilling Tent. Just so adorable!

Martin County Fair

Cleaning tables – because we really, really want to!


Martin County Fair

Doesn’t this say it all? Thanks to my son-in-law, Marcus!

In addition to my family, we were thrilled to have another couple help us also. They are new to the area and this was their first county fair grilling experience. Thank goodness they are a veterinarian and a nurse because you never know when you may need a veterinarian or a nurse! Thanks Dr. Chase and Summer! It was fun working with you and would love to work with you next year!

Martin County Fair

Yes, Summer, you wear the “Pork, Be Inspired” well!

Looks like these two are having a serious conversation.

Martin County Fair

Grillers Chuck and Dr. Chase 

Martin County Fair

Grillers – Chuck, Dr. Chase and son-in-law Dion

As you can see, we take our grilling serious. It’s all about food safety. Pork is grilled to 145 degrees internal temp with a 3 minute wait. It seems everyone grilling has a meat thermometer in hand. 


Martin County Fair

Grilling Pork to 145 degrees

Martin County Fair

What’s our secret? Martin County Magic Seasoning–the key to scrumptious pork chops! And, oh, by the way, these are 8 oz chops!

Martin County Fair

Grillers – 2 son-in-laws and daughter’s boyfriend.

Martin County Fair

Because you need a pig on your cheek when Grandma and Grandpa are pig farmers. My grandson, Mr. E!


Martin County Fair

My daughter and another granddaughter – Miss E.


More grilling, Dion, Chris and Dr. Chase (notice meat thermometer in hand!)

Martin County Fair

And look who walked by our grilling tent! The Looney Lutheran Ladies! Eating a pork chop none-the-less!


Martin County Fair

Because somehow I missed the my other granddaughter’s, Miss C, picture last night. So here is one from last year’s fair, with her sister.

We had a great time and can’t wait until next year!


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    Emily Grace says:
    August 18, 2014

    Hey, I recognize that yummy seasoning! 🙂

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