MN Agriculture: Gold’n Plump Chickens

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All Things Minnesota Agriculture

All Things Minnesota Agriculture

Day 23 of my 30 Days of Ag “All Things Minnesota Agriculture” is Gold’n Plump. When I think of chickens and Minnesota, there is no question that I think of Gold’n Plump. Gold’n Plump, also known as GNP Company, raises and processes chickens in Minnesota. The company was founded in 1926 as a seasonal hatchery. Gold’n Plump’s business model is a little different than independent farmers. They control all processes and inputs in every step of the way to ensure a quality experience and end products. Their headquarters are located in St. Cloud, MN, with production plants in LuVerne, MN, Cold Springs, MN and Arcadia, WI. And I buy GNP chickens for my family.

Did you know?

Did you know that Minnesota chicken farmers raise 47,000,000 chickens every year?

Not only does GNP include the Gold’n Plump brand, but their newest brand,  “Just Bare,” fills a niche market.  Just Bare Organic is certified organic and the chickens have access to outdoors. “Just Bare” Natural are chicken products where the chickens have never been given antibiotics, are vegetable and grain fed and are traceable to family farms.

Not only is GNP concerned about raising the best chickens, they are also concerned about the people that work for them, the planet and also ensuring economic vitality to their farmers, partners and communities.

All Things Minnesota Agriculture

Gold’n Plump


The farmers that raise chickens for GNP have a history of long-term relationships with the company. 34% of team members have worked for them for more than 10 years. 64% of their family farm partners have been with them for more than 10 years; 43% of those for 20 years or more. If you want to know a Minnesota chicken farmer, meet Bill Wuertz from Paynesville, MN (per the Minnesota Chicken and Egg organization) and read his story about what it means to be a chicken farmer for the GNP Company. 


GNP also works extremely hard in protecting the environment and lessening their carbon footprint. Their reduced carbon footprint focus really goes hand-in-hand with all other agricultural entities. In recent years, there has been a substantial decrease in agriculture’s carbon footprint. They remain committed to becoming a zero waste company. In 2013, they joined Waste Wise and the Waste Reduction Collaborative. 

All Things Minnesota Agriculture

GNP Company


GNP gives back to the community.  One example is their Labels 2 Learn program, a program that rewards schools with cash from participating product purchases. Working with area schools and participating retailers, Gold’n Plump will donate to schools when buyers redeem Labels 2 Learn Cash Codes from Gold’n Plump deli rotisserie chickens. Gold’n Plump is proud to be the first poultry provider to join the program and its efforts to raise money for local schools. 

In 2013, GNP was purchased by The Maschoffs, LLC, the largest family-owned pork producing company in North America.

For more information about GNP and chicken farming: 

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