MFL Giveaway – Pigs, The Inventor of Bacon T-Shirt and Seasoning

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Pig tshirt

Pigs, the Inventor of Bacon T-shirt

Pigs, the Inventors of Bacon

Minnesota Farm Living is celebrating the new blog layout/design! And not only that, it’s midsummer and it’s just a good time to have a giveaway. From now until the end of Monday, July 27, 2015 you have a chance to win either a “Pigs, the Inventor of Bacon” t-shirt (size large only) or “Martin County Magic Seasoning” a great rub for grilling pork.

So how do you win?

It’s rather simple. Go to my blog home page – and sign up for email notifications of my blog. You will see on the right hand of the home page a place to enter your email address for a subscription. Just remember to verify/activate your email address! The second way for a chance to win is follow me on instagram at That’s it! There will be a random drawing from those who participate. Good Luck!

Martin County Magic Seasoning 

Martin County Magic Seasoning

Martin County Magic Seasoning


5 Comments on MFL Giveaway – Pigs, The Inventor of Bacon T-Shirt and Seasoning

  1. avatar
    Yolanda Williamson says:
    July 23, 2015

    Thank God I don’t eat animals. They are a beautiful part of Creation, should not be used as commodities.
    “Every now and then in the midst of mastication, as teeth meet teeth through tender cooked flesh, we are jarred by the realization that the taste and texture, the sensuous pleasure being ground between our teeth was very much a sentient critter with distinct identifiable interests, a personality, a face, and the capacity for a great deal of suffering.” Bog Comis. If you watch the movie “Babe” and still eat bacon your heart must be made of steel.

    • avatar
      July 23, 2015

      Thanks Yolanda. I love that we live in a nation and culture where we have choice. You have the choice not to eat meat and I have the choice to eat meat. And I hope you realize the movie “Babe” is just a movie. They personify a pig to have human characteristics – which is not reality. Thank you for comment.

    • avatar
      Steve Williams says:
      April 2, 2019

      Who doesn’t love a fantastically prepared pork chop or bacon. YUMMY! if you were never intended to eat meat, why were you born with carnivore teeth? Love Martin County pork! Keep it coming!

  2. avatar
    Emiley Gaskill says:
    July 23, 2015

    We are hog farmers who love to eat pork!

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