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Here are a list of my top agricultural bloggers. They write about their life, their families and their farms. They are listed in no specific order. And, in fact, I am sure I have missed some that I wished I would have added. And if you see someone that is missing? Just add it to the comment section. So grab a cup of coffee, check these ag bloggers/agvocates, engage with them and enjoy!

1) Wanda PatscheMinnesota Farm Living, City Girl turned Farm Wife, Pig Farmer, Mom and Grandma

2) Sarah Schultz – Nurse Loves Farmer. Nurse, Farm Wife, Boy Mom, Believer, Canadian

3) Amanda Zaluckyj – The Farmers Daughter – She is the proud daughter of conventional farmers in Southwest Michigan. She is also a practicing attorney.

4) Carolyn Olson – Carolyn Cares. Committed to Agriculture while Respecting the Earth. Corn, soybeans, wheat, organic, pigs. Minnesota Farmers

5) Katie Pratt – Rural Route 2 – The Life and Times of an Illinois Farm Girl. Katies is I a farmer’s daughter, a farmers’ wife, a mother, volunteer and gardener.

6) Nicole Small – Tales of a Kansas Farm Wife. Nicole shares her journey through life that includes family, food, and farming.

7) A Minnesota Farmer – The musings of a Minnesota farmer stumbling through this digital age.

8) Jenny Schweigert – The Magic Farm House. Recipes, farmer, mother, photography

9) Brian Scott – The Farmers Life.  Brian raises corn, soybeans, popcorn and wheat on an Indiana farm with his dad and grandpa.  On his blog you’ll to see a lot of pictures from the daily activities on his farm. But this site goes deeper than just pictures of what we are doing on any given day.  He’ll explain just why it is we do certain things and talk about subjects that get him excited about farming.

10) Ryan Goodman –  Agriculture Proud. Ryan has a passion for the cattle industry and the community of folks involved in producing our food. Lives in Montana.

11) Janice Person – Janice Person – A Colorful Adventure. Monsanto, Loves Cotton. Her blog is about her passions and she loves celebrating people who rock.

12) Brandie Buzzard – Buzzard’s Beat. Cattle, Native Kansan with a passion for K-State, agriculture, rodeo and free speech.

13) Carrie MessDairy Carrie. She  loves agriculture, dairy cows. Her along with her husband are working with his parents on their 100 cow dairy farm in Southern Wisconsin.

14) Katie Pinke – Pinke Posts. Katie shares about family, food, farming and the prairie that she loves. Lives in North Dakota.

15) Lauren Hartzler Arbogast – Paint the Town Ag – Farmer, Not your average farmers wife. In love with Jesus & life. Humor + coffee are non-negotiable. 

16) Trent Loos – The Loos Tales . Ag radio show. Trent ventures the country sharing the amazing stories of people who bring good things to the world we live in. 

17) Lara GinsbergMy Other More Exciting Self. Farm raised, Minnesotan, shoe enthusiast, turkey talker, wine lover, mom, pug lover.

18) Jenny Burgess – Farmwife Transparency, Help bridge a gap between farmer and consumer.

19) Emily ZweberZweber Farms. Family Farm since 1906 in Elko, MN. Raising sustainable beef, pork, chicken, eggs and organic dairy. From their fields to your table. 

20) Jan HoadleySlow Money Farm. Down to earth investing & growing. Small farm using heritage breeds & heirloom varieties. 

21) Don Schindler – Senior Vice President at Dairy Management, Inc. Digital Strategy and Executive Social Media Trainer.

22) Kevin Folta –  A scientist (from the University of Florida, department head of horticulture) in a scientifically illiterate nation at a time when we need science the most.

23) Kim BremmerAg Inspirations.  You will find stories, insights, experiences and perspectives on modern agriculture. 

24) Judi Graff – Farm N Wife. A wife that farms in the middle of the mid-west. I love to show farmers and ag businesses how to make a website work for them. From simply telling your farm story to creating new business opportunities, it’s amazing where a website can take you.

25) Megan BrownThe Beef Jar. Welcome to the rants and ramblings of a 6th generation, Northern Californian, commercial, cattle rancher. I also finish Red Wattle hogs in addition to my beef. I am a huge fan of Red Wattles and can spend hours extolling their virtues, if you let me. In addition to that, I cook, garden, can, write, hunt.

26) Taysha Reitzel – Dirt Road Charm. My name is Taysha and I am a midwestern girl trying to make the most out of every minute. I have a full time job in the Ag industry as well as splitting my time with cattle shows, travel, advocating, and family. 

27) Sara Hewitt – Faith, Farming and Cowboy Boots. Beekeeper. Ramblings of a young woman on faith, farming and real life in rural Minnesota. 

28) Kelly Gray – Then I Thought of Home. We are poultry farmers, we raise broiler chickens. When you go to KFC or buy chicken in the store that would be us. We’re also greenhouse growers

29) Lyndsey Wichester – Agriculture with Dr. Lindsay. I am an University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Educator focusing in livestock, agricultural, food systems, and 4-H; working with both adults and youth.

30) Jenny RohrichThe Prairie Californian. Cultivating a legacy of family, food and farming on the prairies of North Dakota.

31) Michelle MillerThe Farm Babe. Michelle lives with her boyfriend Doug. She is located in Northeast Iowa, they raise lambs, beef cattle, and grow almost 2,000 acres of row crops like corn, Soybeans, Oats, and Alfalfa.

32) Stephanie NelsonCedar Creek Ranch. We are a small, family-owned ranch in the beautiful hills and forests of eastern Oklahoma. 

33) Jodi McDonnell Of Kids and Cows. A glimpse in her crazy life full of kids, cows and the occasional adventure. 

34) The Peterson Brothers – Known for their viral agricultural parodies. Agvocates from Kansas. 

35) Michele Payne – Cause Matters. Connecting Gate to Plate. Community Catalyst, advocate, farm and food connector.

36) Krista Stauffer – The Farmers Wifee. I love to write, take photos and always dreamed of being involved in education. I have always had a desire to travel. I have been able to take all three and turn them into advocacy for the dairy industry. Through photos and words I am able to bring the farm to those interested in the truth about the dairy industry. 

37) Joni Kamiya-Rose – The Hawaiin Daughter. Adventures of a farmer’s daughter in Hawaii

38) Morgan Kontz – South Dakota Farm Wife. Stories of a first generation farm wife. 

39) Kristin Reese – Local Farm Mom. Kristin is your typical mom learning to balance this crazy thing we call life. She is the mom of two ornery little farmers and a self-proclaimed foodie and farmer.

40) Justine KouglThe Montana Ranch Adventure. Come with us on this adventure on our ranch in MT and grow a business to show you our beautiful views

41) Jennifer Schmidt – The Foodie Farmer. Blogging about how your food goes from field to fork. Registered Dietician. Maryland farmer. 

42) Kellie Blair – Home Again Finnegan. Stories of her life on the family farm. Iowa farmer. 

43) Ray Bowman – Food and Farm Radio Show. Kentucky.

44) Val Plagge – Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids. Discovering “fields of opportunity” as a farmer, wife, mom and volunteer.

45) Val Wagner – Wag’n Tales. Mommy of 4 loving her farm life.

46) Jennifer Eck Campbell – From My Front Porch. Jen talks about her family and farm in Indiana. 

47) Janeal YanceyMom at the Meat Counter. Janeal has a Ph.D. in meat science, but she is also just a Mom trying to raise two crazy little girls. She hopes that can help other moms feel more knowlegable about the meat they feed their families.

48) Cristen Slings ClarkFood and Swine. Cristen was born and raised as a 6th generation Iowa farm girl with a passion for baking timeless recipes. She is an avid contest cook and baker but most importantly a stay at home Mom with two children. Her husband works in the swine industry and they raise hogs in modern barns and pigs they show in smaller barns and outdoors. She farms with her parents and sister, where they raise corn, soybeans and beef cattle.

49) LaVell Welp WinsorGrowing for Tomorrow. Growing kids, growing crops, learning and growing for tomorrow.  As a farm wife, soccer mom (literally), daughter, sister, aunt, friend, taxi driver, consultant, volunteer, cook and bottle washer – life goes at a fast pace.  I’d like to share with you how we live on our family farm.

50) Jesse WyrillSnapshots of a Kansas Farm. A peek into the life of newlywed farmers. 

51) Holly Spangler – My Generation. Holly writes for Farm Progress and is also involved in a podcast, Confessions of a Farm Wife, with other farm women. 

52) Joan RuskampDust in my Coffee. Faith. Family. Farming. These three words sum up the three most important areas of my life. As a Catholic wife, mother, and cattle feeder, I get to wear many different hats each and every day. This blog is a way for me to share some of my little moments with you. 

53) Barbara WomackHomestead Hill Farm. The journal of a small farm in the Shenandoah Valley of VA.

54) Julie Vogts  – In Between the Sunsets of Life. A fourth generation farm family on the prairies of Kansas. Where crops are sown and harvested, a daughter is raised, dinner parties are given, and all while serving the Lord.

55) Jeanette Maple MarrittFencerow to Fencerow. Taking out fences to shove more life in. 

56) Mary Mackinson FaberMackinson Dairy. I am a 5th generation dairy and grain farm kid from Central Illinois.  Mackinson Dairy is a real working family dairy farm.  We are just one of the farm families working hard to produce food for your family.  My goal of this blog is to start a conversation between the people who grow your food and the people who buy it.

57) Dana Dagman The Green Acres Report. I am a yuppie turned farm wife on the plains of North Dakota. Born and raised in a suburb of Minneapolis, I now find myself farming alongside my husband while raising our three boys, all under the age of six.

58) Jessica LynnCows, Corn and Communications. 

59) Rhonda Bode StoltzfusIowa Meets Maui. I’m a Northern California native with a degree in Horticulture from Iowa State University.  I am a master bee keeper and Iowa fruit farm owner on permanent sabbatical in Hawaii.  I moved to the Aloha State 7 years ago to finally get warm and to support my partner in his passion for biotechnology.

60) Ashley Messing KennedyMessy Kennedy. Around here we are all about following your arrow, being unique to yourself and finding your own path in life! Be sure to check everything out and come back often because I am always up to something new.

61) Stephanie MillerThe Life of a Farmer’s Wife. Just a little blog about farm live in Alabama. 

62) Alise EricksonKiss My Tractor. Linking You To The Farmers Who Grow Your Food!

63) Emily LineThe Belle of the Beef. Whether you are already a Farmer, someone who wants to get into farming, or just a consumer who wants to learn more about the products you use, Agricultural Extension is the answer for you!

64) Kelly Snipes Old Blue Silo. Sharing a Home, A Heart and a Farm. 

65) Anne BurkholderFeedyard Foodie. A native of urban Palm Beach County, Florida; I was an Ivy League educated athlete fueled by beef for many years before I understood “where my beef came from.”

66) Diane Loew A Farm Wife. Cultivating life together with love and laughter. 

67) Stacy WalkerThe Back Road Life. My little place in the country. 

68) Adriane HeinsLittle House on the Dairy. We’re old souls at heart. Give us some books, a good cup of coffee and a sunset, and we’re set for life . . . or at least until suppertime. By day, Chris is the dairy herd manager on the family farm, and I’m the author of Hello. My Name Is Single (except I’m not anymore . . . single, that is), a writer and the editor of The Lutheran Witness. By night, we’re just regular farm folks who prefer gravel roads to interstates and meals around our table to eating in restaurants. We garden and dairy and write and drive Gators and take pictures and wonder why our dogs insist on digging in places they shouldn’t.

68) Emily WebelConfessions of a Farm Wife. The good, that bad and the dirty truth about life on the gravel road. 

70) Julaine TreurIn Udder News. Ruminating musings of a Canadian dairy farmer on current dairy industry issues.

71) Hannah MillerHannah Morgan Miller. Your brand has a story and I want to help you tell it.

72) Terryn DrielingFaith Family and Beef. Momming and ranching my way through life. Living on strong coffee and a whole lotta Jesus. 

73) Naomi LoomisFrom the Corner of the Circle. Faith, family and ranching.

74) Jenny HoltermanAlmond Girl Jenny. Almond Girl Jenny grew up on her family’s almond and walnut farm in the Northern California town of Chico. Her family has been farming there since the early 1900s.

75) Tracy Zeorian Nebraska Wheatie. Follow the journey of a third generation custom harvesting family.

76) AgriEngrs – Ag Engineering. Learn all about the world of agricultural engineering. 




38 Comments on Top Agricultural Bloggers

  1. avatar
    gretchenr17 says:
    April 2, 2015

    Love the list! I’m from a farming heritage (160 yrs) in Illinois and my hubby and I just bought a couple acres in Nebraska to start our own hobby farm — thanks for the encouragement — only those who truly know about farming understand 🙂

  2. avatar
    Peg Greenway says:
    April 2, 2015

    Super!! I love being able to share this list with others and check out some myself that I haven’t seen before. Thank you for putting this together and thank you to the folks who make farming come alive for non-AG people!

  3. avatar
    Sarah [] says:
    April 3, 2015

    I am so honoured to be on your list, Wanda! Thank you so much for including me!

  4. avatar
    SlowMoneyFarm says:
    April 3, 2015

    So many stories on each farm/blog and looking down the list! Thanks for including SlowMoneyFarm – honored to be in good company!

  5. avatar
    April 19, 2015

    Thank you so much for including me! I feel so honored! And yes I do agree we have a lot in common but we are all so different as the same time! 🙂

  6. avatar
    paintthetownag says:
    April 21, 2015

    Thanks for including Paint The Town Ag Wanda! I love the relation to “it’s not black & white” – thanks for sharing. I’ve got some new blogs to check out! 🙂

  7. avatar
    paintthetownag says:
    April 21, 2015

    Also, one to add: Beef & Sweet Tea: Emily Grace Bryant

  8. avatar
    lindsaychichester says:
    April 22, 2015

    What a fun list! Thanks for including me! ~Lindsay

  9. avatar
    August 30, 2015

    Thanks for the mention! I love the 50.– idea. There are so many great farm blogs out there – I’m honored to be included.

  10. avatar
    April 25, 2017

    Me…how ’bout me???? ? – come follow the wheat harvest journey with me!

    • avatar
      April 25, 2017

      I knew I would forget someone! I am adding you right now!!!!

      • avatar
        Tracy Z says:
        April 25, 2017

        You’re so funny!! I feel like Steve Martin in “The Jerk”…I’m FINALLY someone! ?
        Honored to be with the other names in this list. Very honored.

    • avatar
      April 25, 2017

      People do use your list. There are a number of people that find my site from your list!

  11. avatar
    Julie says:
    April 26, 2017

    Thanks for including me. I enjoyed the list and shared it on my Facebook farm page and personal page!

  12. avatar
    April 27, 2017

    I love Tracy Zeorian. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter at HarvestHer.

  13. avatar
    Agri International says:
    May 22, 2018

    Great list of agriculture bloggers. I would love to read their blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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