Sunflower Life Cycle

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Sunflower Life Cycle

Grades K-2

Students will learn about the growth and development of sunflowers, identify how sunflower seeds are used, and make a paper plate sunflower illustrating the life cycle of the sunflower. Here is an overview of the lesson.

MN Ag in the Classroom Lesson Link – Sunflower Life Cycle

Time: 45 minutes

Activity 1: Sunflower House Book and Sunflower Lifecyle

Read the book, Sunflower House, ** (link to purchase book) and discuss the lifecycle of a sunflower (includes great laminated pictures).

Activity 2: Make a Paper Plate Sunflower

Check out on-line lesson plan for more detailed information on constructing the paper plate sunflower.

Here are some actual pictures of the sunflowers students created.




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