I am sharing some of my favorite things that I truly believe you will enjoy also. These are things I actually use. Some of the links may be affiliate links where I earn a small fee with no increase in your price. Some are not–just things I love.

Heart of the Farm Planner

I love this planner. Yes, I have my electronic calendar but I still love having a paper calendar to use. Here is a picture of the planner I ordered. 

Heart of the Farm Planner


Bluetooth Earbuds

I must admit I love my electronics. Whether it’s listening to music, an audiobook, or podcast, I really like these bluetooth earbuds. Lifetime warranty.

Bluetooth Earbuds


Two-Way Radios for the Farm

Yes, I decided to put these on my list. We ordered these before fall harvest and they made our communication so much easier. They are easier than texting or calling on your phone. You just click the side button and talk. So simple.


Wool Socks

I am not joking. I don’t know how anyone can go through winter without wool socks. There is nothing worse than cold feet. And you need the good ones! Seriously.


KitchenAid Food Strainer Grinder

I bought this a few months ago. I needed to make a large amount of applesauce and wanted to find a faster way to make large batches. This was the bomb. Literally I cooked up apples (no peeling) until they were soft. I then put the apples in this strainer and it worked perfectly. Stems, cores and all. I highly recommend this if you make applesauce or any other foods that need to be strained or ground.

Snapple Singles To Go

I know this looks random, but I love these single packets of Snapple. It helps me get my daily water consumption. My favorites are the peach and raspberry. And, yes, they are sugar-free.

Brene Brown Books

I love Dr. Brene Brown books!. If you haven’t read any of her books, I highly recommend it.

Pioneer Woman “Anything”

I love anything Pioneer Woman. All of her items are so beautiful and fun! 


Farm House Decor

I am really loving the Farm House Decor. I must admit, it has taken some time for me to get used to it. But I am really liking it.


FitBit Versa

I really like my FitBit Versa. I wear it every day. I like how it tracks my sleep because I now make a better effort to get the sleep I need. 


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