Little Red Hen – Part of MN Ag in the Classroom lessons.  In this lesson students will use the story The Little Red Hen to learn about wheat production and bread making. Students will thresh their own wheat and grind it into flour to make bread. Included in this kit is wheat and a wheat grinder. 4 Activities.

Activity 1 – Story of the Little Red Hen. Read Little Red Hen book. Use, first, next, then and finally with bread ingredients. Place students in groups to make plate puppets of the book’s characters.

Activity 2 – Growing Wheat.  Grow wheat in plastic cups.

Activity 3 – From Wheat to Bread. Learn about harvesting wheat through video and/or book. Each student will receive a wheat stalk and learning to “thrash” or removing the seed from the wheat. Place wheat seed in hand grinder which results in whole wheat flour. Here is a video on how to “grind wheat.”

Activity 4 – It Takes a Team. Talk about teamwork and cooperation and how wheat harvest requires a team of workers.

Kit includes: Folder with lesson plan, wheat grinder, wheat stems, wheat flour, plastic clear cups, soil, paper plates, popsicle sticks, loaf of wheat bread, spoons, spray bottle.

Teacher provides: Art supplies, markers, crayons.

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