If you are a truck driver traveling along I-90 in Southern Minnesota and needing a truck wash, take Exit 87 near Sherburn. The brand new Exit 87 truck wash is located next to the interstate and boasts new state-of-the-art features. With plenty of room for moving trucks and a total of four bays (one of which is an automated hands-free exterior wash), there is plenty of room for hopper flushes and livestock trailer wash outs. Not only is this facility used for ag and livestock trailers, but owners of RVs and boats will want to use it also.

Exit 87 Truck Wash

Chase Crawford, a local farmer, and Justin Williamson, farm management instructor are the owners. The idea of a new truck wash was sparked by Chase winning a clock through a local coop. How does winning a clock turn into building a truck wash? Well, Chase said he needed somewhere to hang it. Through brainstorming of where to put it he somewhat kiddingly said he would need to build a place to hang it. Hence, the beginning of the new ultramodern truck wash.

After two years of working through the permitting process, the truck wash is due to open June 15, 2020.

Automatic Truck Wash Bay

The truck wash is located on 290 acres owned and operated by Chase. All the waste from cleaning livestock trailers is run through a system where the solids are extracted from the liquids. Chase has a barn permitted as an “MPCA approved solid waste storage facility” off-site where he will transfer the solids for storage and composting. The liquids are stored in a 12 foot, clay-lined pit. In the fall, the liquid is spread on the surrounding land as a soil nutrient replacement.

Solid/liquid separator

Another nice aspect of the truck is its location. Kum-N-Go fuel station is located next to the truck wash. So trucks can fuel, wash, and load.

Wash bay with a slight incline and drain at entry to help keep waste water away from wash floor

An added feature for trucker comfort, there is a breakroom along with bathrooms and showers for truckers’ use.

Bio Dry Building under construction

Another feature for the future is the Bio-Dri II ˆˆsystem where trailers can be heated to 140-160 degrees for biosecurity purposes as needed.

Exit 87 Truck Wash (note the proximity to I-90 and the room for trucks to enter and maneuver as needed)

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