One of the “perks” of living on a farm is the impromptu day dates. My last “day date” was a trip in the semi-truck to Minnesota Soybean Processors in Brewster to pick up a load of soybean meal. Normally, our farm picks up soybean meal from CHS in Fairmont ( which is just a few miles away) but the plant is down for repairs and maintenance. So now, it’s close to an hour drive to Brewster compared to 15 minutes to Fairmont.

soybean meal

You may be asking what do we use soybean meal for? We use it to feed our hogs. Hogs can’t eat whole soybeans. We sell our soybeans to a soybean processing plant where the oil is extracted from the beans. The leftover part is soybean meal, which is what hogs eat as a protein source. Did you know that corn and soybean meal make up about 90-95% of the hogs’ diet?

it’s time to leave!

My first challenge, having short legs and my age well above the speed limit, is hopping (I use this term loosely) up in the truck. It’s not always easy, but I managed. It may take me a time or two to plan my strategy to hoist myself into the truck, but I find a way to succeed.

Before we left, my husband told me he had the drinks taken care of. Well, let me clarify. He had the drinks for HIMSELF taken care of. He knows I drink Diet Coke and there wasn’t a Diet Coke anywhere in the portable cooler. So needless to say, I grab my drink of choice and add it to the cooler.

Okay, let’s go!

As I look around, I notice there are no drink cupholders. And only a crank to open the windows. What year am I living in?
The window dash holds my drink.

Stop at gas station

Our first stop is the gas station. We need more diesel fuel. On our way to the gas station we drive by I90 Exit 87 Truck Wash. If you are ever in need of a truck wash, stop there!

Pick Up “Magazines”

As my farmer went in to use the “facilities” he came out with some magazines. Most would wonder when you see a male coming out of the gas station with magazines. But it’s not what you are thinking. This farmer comes out with the latest and greatest machinery magazines. Yes, we still like to look at machinery old-school. Some habits are hard to break.

And one more thing, he has a clip with a piece of paper written with a “Pickup Number” on it. Again, most would insinuate other thoughts when they see a pickup number. Again, it’s to pickup our designated load of soybean meal.

And last but not least. Where do you suppose you store pens that you may need to write with? That’s right, vents! Works great he would say!

Finally, we are on our way to Brewster. Because there are no cup holders for my Diet Coke, it rolls and falls to the floor. As I bend over, what do I see? A bag of Cheetos in the door slot. Yep, you guessed it right. A special treat that would be a travesty if it went to waste. I have no idea how long they have been there, but Cheetos last a few years, right?

Minnesota soybean processors

We finally arrive in Brewster and wait our turn. The processing plant is located right next to railroad tracks as this is how beans/bean meal/soybean oil are transported in and out.

After a stop at Pizza Ranch on our way back, we make our way home. These day dates are not pretty and very simplistic. But they are very genuine, real and necessary. And the most important part is who you spend the time with. We are going on 40+ years of marriage and hoping for more, God willing.

And . . . probably most important–our pigs can eat so we can all enjoy BACON!

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