Duluth is on Lake Superior in northern Minnesota and is one of my favorite places to visit! It’s a place I can let myself forget just about everything. It is a peaceful and relaxing place to escape from the busyness of life. So let’s look at why Duluth is worth visiting.

A little history: viking heritage

When traveling on I35 N through Duluth, you will notice the Viking history motif on the overpass. Scandinavian settlers found their new homes in northern Minnesota. The argument about whether true Vikings inhabited the area is still debated. One can also visit the Leif Erikson park along the Canal Park Lakewalk. Bert Enger purchased a replica of the vessel Leif Erikson used to travel from Norway to Duluth. Currently, the vessel is in storage.

Viking Motif on the I35 N Overpass

Canal park lake walk

A must-see and stop.

Want to experience, feel and see the clear blue skies with the sun shining as you walk along Lake Superior? Visit Duluth.

Are you needing a little self-care? Visit Duluth.

If you are fortunate to walk along the lake walk in Canal Park, you may have a passenger train pass you by with hands waving! The North Shore Scenic Railroad ride is a relaxing experience and the open cars are the most fun to ride in. The lake walk has been renovated due to past storm damage. There are horse and carriage rides and bikes for rent, along with food trucks and local music. It just doesn’t get better than this!

Canal Park

Nature’s Beauty

Travel north of Duluth on Highway 61 and you will see miles and miles of Lake Superior shoreline. Treat yourself to some self-care by listening to the sounds and enjoying sights of northern Minnesota.  

Duluth Storefront with Front Door Open on 43-degree day

Aerial lift bridge

The Aerial Lift Bridge is located in Canal Park. Watch ships go in and out of the harbor up close. Wave at the men at sea as they come in and out of the harbor. Built from 1901-1905 and then modified in 1929 is spectacular. And this year, if you are lucky, you may see a cruise line ship coming into the bay area.

Aerial Lift Bridge
Aerial Lift Bridge

harbor and ships

And ships coming and going out of the harbor–it feels like you are in another part of the country. It really takes your breath away. It’s a must-see in Canal Park. 

Site and sounds

Some of our favorite traditions do focus on food. Along with eating pie at Betty’s Pies or the Rustic Inn Cafe. (further up the North Shore near Two Harbors, MN), we also enjoy Chicken Wild Rice Soup at Grandma’s Restaurant (the original). When we travel to Duluth, we either stay somewhere on the North Shore or in Canal Park. Our favorite place to stay in Canal Park is the Inn on Lake Superior. They have S’Mores available every evening, summer or winter. So fun!

Music by Lake Superior – Lutsen

Gooseberry Falls

Travel north of Duluth and visit Gooseberry Falls State Park north of Two Harbors. It is a “must stop” and an icon of the North Shore. A short walk from the visitor center allows you to see the wonder of the falls. If you love what you see, walk the trail towards Lake Superior. The scenery is breathtaking.

Gooseberry Falls
Gooseberry Falls
Gooseberry Falls

Duluth is a great place to visit! You will not be sorry. It really is a hidden gem.

And if you want to go further north, check out other areas to visit in northern Minnesota:

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