Whether you are traveling along I-90 in southern Minnesota or attending a sporting event or visiting family or friends, Fairmont has some really great places to eat. I have chosen only locally owned and for many of my choices, are not on main roads.

The Ranch Restaurant – 1330 N. State Street

A family restaurant. A very nice selection of food items. They have a very complete salad bar. Specialties: Friday and Saturday night Prime Rib. Probably one thing that makes this restaurant unique is the 30′ Garman Wall when you walk into the restaurant. I also love that family members are involved in running the restaurant.

Grafitti Corner – 1500 S. State St.

I really love the name of this coffee house and frozen treats. Coffee is made from imported Italian Express beans. Drive-through available. But don’t be fooled, they have a wonderful selection of breakfast and lunch items.

The Marina Lodge – 501 Lake Ave.

Fairmont has three restaurants that you can reach via boat. Fairmont has five lakes, of which four are connected. Not only does the Marina Lodge have a very good selection of foods, but you can also rent a condominium within 10 steps of the restaurant. There are outdoor eating options. Live music on the weekends during the summer.

Channel Inn – 330 W. Lair Rd.

Absolutely has the best burgers in town. Another restaurant you can reach by boat. Located next to Gomsrud city park. They also have live music on the weekends during the summer. Outdoor eating available during the warmer months.

Channel Inn
Channel Inn
Best burger in town

Ambiance on Albion Tap house and Grill – 2321 albion ave.

The last restaurant you can reach by boat. Not directly, but there is a pier where you then walk up the stairs and cross the street. Nice menu. Outdoor eating areas during the summer months.

Bean Town – 1400 N. State St.

Named after the geographical area where beans are grown. Love their menu options.

Jake’s Pizza – 211 Downtown plaza

Good pizza. Been in town for many years. In fact, many people who go off to college or move out of town, when returning to visit Fairmont, this is usually on top of their list to visit. They not only serve pizzas, but also have an array of soup and sandwiches. They deliver in town. Jake’s has a rich history that is worth reading about.

El Agave Mexican Restaurant – 62 downtown plaza

Authentic Mexican food. A typical Mexican menu.

Tami’s on the Ave. – 2710 albion ave.

Locally owned. Good restaurant with great food choices. And, yes, Tami is the owner.

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  1. Thanks, Wanda! Travel I-90 several times a year, always hungry about midway between Sioux Falls and Albert Lea. Great to have a guide to so many choices, and I especially like supporting locally owned businesses. I am assuming those accessible by boat are also accessible by car. Now, to figure out which of the ten to try on next trip …
    (Not too far from Fairmont is a Blue Earth restaurant forever in my heart because of the plaque on the wall that says “You seldom see anyone crying and eating pie at the same time.”)

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