Who Grew My Soup

This lesson is from MN Ag in the Classroom curriculum matrix. There is a K-2 version and a Gr. 3-5 version. Time: Three 45-minute lessons. This is a great book and lesson. The kit will include the book, Who Grew My Soup (or you can also access it online). In fact, the online version has the author, Tom Darbyshire, reading the book

Activity 1: Food/Farm Connection

Read the book, Who Grew My Soup. Either cut out and assemble or use a Food Fact Wheel . Students will be provided with samples of the 10 foods (carrots, tomatoes, green beans, celery, corn, barley, spinach, peas, onions, potatoes) mentioned in the book. Students will match the foods with their Fact Wheel. You can also use the Farm/Food Connections cards allow students to make the farm/food connection.

Activity 2: Where Does Your Food Come From?

Bring in food with an origin label (either teacher and/or students). Use online National Geographical Mapmaker to determine how far the food traveled. Discuss and explore the implications of food traveling far distances.

Activity 3: Graphing Activity

Students taste test pineapple in different states: fresh, dried, canned and frozen. The class votes on which is their favorite.

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