We are living in unsettled, stressful and uncertain times. I struggle to find ways to process everything that is going on in our world. I resign to the fact that I can’t figure it out. War is looming that we haven’t seen since WWII and will impact every one of us. It makes me sad.

Some of you may say, “but look at the price of corn and soybeans.” Yes, the commodity prices are climbing but so are the input costs. I don’t think we will see the benefits of higher prices. Try putting a cash flow together right now. What prices do we use? Do you lock in prices for the future? Will costs come down? Maybe, maybe not? A full glass of uncertainty.

Farmers are not only affected by higher food costs, higher home heating, and the price of filling up our gas tanks, we also face more than double costs for fertilizer, higher seed, chemicals, utilities, livestock feed, and repairs. And ones that haven’t hit us yet will be higher insurance costs and others that will cause me to say, “oh, for pete’s sakes, really?” I don’t think there is one aspect that has not been affected. What decisions should we make or not make? It is to the point where I just want to hang tight until things settle down. But when will that be? For me, It’s the stress of my “planner” mentality. I am always trying to figure out a plan going forward. So what can be done?

As a start, the US needs to open up its oil pipeline capacity and other fuel sources. We were oil-independent up until the last election. We should not depend on Russia or any other country for our energy needs. But perhaps the most important part of our plan is to turn it over to God. As a farmer, so many things are not in our control.

And when we start obsessing about it to that point of mental anguish, we need to turn it over to God. And it works. I can’t tell how many countless times I have done this. It keeps me sane and lifts the weight off my shoulders. Maybe the outcome isn’t how I preferred but it’s part of God’s plan and . . .

It will be okay.

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  1. Hi Wanda we all feel the same in Ireland as you do God keep you safe and all your fellow farmers

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